I believe that who we truly are individually is exposed during the trying and difficult moments of our lives.

When faced with those situations some of us succeed and some of us fail.

Yesterday the Cleveland Cavaliers lost and so did Lebron James.  He played like he had never seen a basketball before.  So now he is faced with a career defining moment when he faces Boston in game 6 of this playoff series.  My hope is that Lebron James proves that he is capable of being the best player of all time.  Anyway, I digress.

Can you remember your “Lebron James Game 6 vs the Celtics” moment?  Or have you not had one yet?

I think we all need to be aware that in our lives we will be faced with times when we will find out who we truly are and what we are made of.  If those moments lead us to believe we are not who we want to be the good news is, we all still have time to change.

This is a horrible post.  But just be reminded that in order to be what you want to be, you need to understand who you are and what you are made of.